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Dead Poets Society (1989)

This scene breaks my heart and makes my eyes leak every time.


Sooo I cannot with this scene. I just start crying when she whispers, “Please don’t do this,” and then I totally lose my shit when she says, “I always thought it had such a nice ring to it.” Memories! The way you were! OH GODS!

Yes, yes, I know, this is an emotional scene and it was for me too. Yet I can’t help but think, whenever I see this scene, OMG UNF IS SHE SEXY IN THIS SCENE ALSO

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Why I love UNIF.

Why I love UNIF.

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Laura: "Mmm, smells good. Hello, Colonel."
Saul: "Madam president."
Laura: "How’s it going?"
Bill: "You were saying, Saul?"

I think the best thing about this scene is not the Saul’s eye or Laura’s smirk. It’s the fact that BILL is so casual about the whole thing, like everything’s absolutely normal….. LMAO.

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Yes Andy, what kind of FAVOR?

Major Crimes, 2x14

#he needs some sexual relief sharon! can you do that

Oh how I love this fandom

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The Photoset I was born to assemble!

Mary McDonnell - Sleepwear

This is why I love Tumblr.

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To the person who abandoned his old dog at my neighborhood: I hope that when you’re old- your children will do the same to you.

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Laura Roslin: “I’d like to propose this: You seem hell-bent on paying some kind of penance for whatever it is you think you’ve done…So instead of resigning, why don’t you walk out of here, meet me on the port hangar deck tomorrow evening for this ceremony and let me pin a frakkin’ medal to your chest?”

Bill Adama: “I can’t.”

Laura Roslin: “It’s not for you, it’s for them. Stand up there, acknowledge your fleet, and give them what they need: a hero. That’ll be your penance, even if it kills you.”

All I can say is….


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So cute!!!!

AND! K.D.Lang is AMAZING, you should all see this:

So touching.

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